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Independence Cup

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2022 Calendar


Winter 2022 Season January - April 1
Spring 2022 Season  April 15 - June 24
Summer 2022 Season (Tentative) July 8 - September 16
Fall 2022 Season (Tentative) September 23 - December 2


  • Celtic FC 2022
  • Font Size 0 2022
  • Falcons
  • Hooligans 2022
  • Put Me In Coach 2022
  • RWB
  • Sporting Con Fuego
  • Titans 2022
  • United
  • Bulldogs
  • Mad Madera
  • Scrappers

Winter 2022 Division winners

Division Team
Advanced Sol FC
Intermediate Titans
Beginning The Destroyers
Recreational Pink slips

Winter 2022 Sportsmanship Team winners

Division Team
Advanced Sporting Con Fuego
Intermediate Peligro, United, 50 Shades & Kung Fu Korndogz
Beginning Fake Madrid
Recreational AZ Heat, Eagle Fang, Falcons & FC Hooligans

Nominated Players for the Individual Sportsmanship Prize

Winter 2022 Season

Victor Nguyen - Kung Fu Korndogz
Diego Amado-Parks - Cool Kids
Chad Springetti - Sir Kicks a lot
Celestin Amani - Lucky Charms
Rolando Davila - Scrappers

Spring 2022 Season

Guadalupe Prado - Desert Thunder
James King - Los Toros
Jose Soto - 50 Shades
Ivan Garcia - Titans
Nghishawn Nguyen - Arctic Lightning 
Marco Rivera - Team Shred
Isabella Watson - Falcons 
Kobe Henke - AZ Heat 
Edward Dooley - Kangagroos 
Lucas Everett - Sisu FC
Josh Carpenter - Synergy
Shannon Rinker - Pouncing Pumas
Taylor Petty - Cervasas
James King - Los Toros
Dillon Salazar - Union
Abelardo Miranda - Peligro

Our Mission

The Tucson Adult Soccer League (TASL) exists for the purpose of providing a safefun, and fair soccer league for the participants and their families. We expect our league members to act in a positive, friendly, and sporting manner. The TASL in turn provides both an Administration and Referees who understand and abide by these principles and ensure that violations of these principles are addressed and resolved.