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Fall 2022 Co-Ed Team & Player Registration Now Open

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Fall 2022 Women's 30+ Team & Player Registration Now Open

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July 3rd—Photos from the tournament >

Fall 2022 Season dates


Co-ed Adult Soccer Season starts Friday, September 30

  • Team registration opens up on Mon, Aug 8
  • Player registration is open on Mon, Aug 15
  • Complete teams are due by Friday, Sept 9  *15 players (5 of which must be female)
  • Players can register all the way up until Sept 21 to be on their team's roster for the first game of the season

Women's 30+ Season starts Tuesday, October 4th

  • Team registration is open on Thur, Aug 11
  • Player registration is open on Sat, Aug 20
  • Complete teams are due by Wed, Sept 7
  • Players can register until Sept 19 and still be on the roster for their first game.

2022-2023 Calendar

Fall 2022 Season:

September 30 - December 16

Winter 2023 Season: January 6- April 14 (tentative)
Spring 2023 Season : April 21 - June 30 (tentative)
Summer 2023 Season: July 7 - Sept 15 (tentative)


  • Gladiators Independence Cup 2022
  • Independence Cup 2022
  • Midtown FC Independence Cup 2022
  • The Cheeky Chinchillas Independence Cup 2022
  • Beercelona Independence Cup 2022
  • Independence Cup 2022
  • Independence Cup 2022
  • Independence Cup 2022
  • Independence Cup 2022

Summer 2022 Division winners

Division Team
Advanced Rebels
Intermediate Peligro
Beginning Kangaroos
Recreational Here for Beer

Summer 2022 Sportsmanship Team winners

Division Team
Intermediate Artic Lightning, FFC, Peligro, Sazev, Sisu
Beginning Union, Club America, United
Recreational Dakine, FC Hooligans, Sir Kicks

Nominated Players for the Individual Sportsmanship Prize-Summer

Congratulations to all the players during the Spring 2022 Season that were nominated

Chad Springetti - Sir Kicks a lot
Michael Ortega - BNI
Eilu Martinez - Kung Fu Korn dogz
Victor Nguyen - FFC
Sylvia Ouellette - Guardians
Steve Templeton - Los Toros
Jesus Celaya - Pumas
Kayla Zanetti - Sherbert
Abby Prado - Desert Thunder
Joey Hollimon - Scorpions
Sebastian Sykes - Rebels

Players are nominated each week during each season. At the end of the season there will be a drawing for the individual sportsmanship prize and the player(s) that won will be contacted.

Keep up the good work!

Our Mission

The Tucson Adult Soccer League (TASL) exists for the purpose of providing a safefun, and fair soccer league for the participants and their families. We expect our league members to act in a positive, friendly, and sporting manner. The TASL in turn provides both an Administration and Referees who understand and abide by these principles and ensure that violations of these principles are addressed and resolved.