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Tucson Adult Soccer League positions available

By TASL, 03/14/22, 7:00PM CDT


Tucson Adult Soccer League positions available

Tucson Adult Soccer League is continuing to grow and expand. With that growth comes the need for more positions to be filled to help the league operate smoothly. If you are interested in the below position please email Amanda at to apply.


TASL Field Crew (aka 4th Official) on game nights

TASL for many years has scheduled 4th officials every week to create a 4 person referee crew rather than the current 3 referee crew. When recently the shortage of referees came about this position had to be removed so that certified referees could be used on the games where certified referees were so desperately needed. 

Thank you to the team managers that have stepped up to fill in with player check in at the field for the last few seasons. With so many great player volunteers stepping up and being willing to help with refereeing and others becoming trained and certified, it has been decided that the "Field Crew" position can be filled by an uncertified referee. As long as the volunteer understand the job description and is willing to fill that role. 

So if you are someone who;

  • Enjoys the game of soccer and wouldn't mind watching an extra game 
  • Has time on Friday nights to stay after your game or show up before your scheduled game
  • Would like to earn a little extra cash or a discount on your next registration
  • Are interested in learning more about the rules of soccer
  • Might be interested in becoming trained as a referee, but aren't 100% sure yet

The job entails the following duties;

  • Checking in players for both teams at any given game (recording jersey #, checking ID)
  • Helping with player substitutions (as outlined by the center referee)
  • Documenting sideline behavior, as well as documenting any incidents on the field
  • Communicating with players on the sideline if they have a question about the "Laws of the Game"
  • Preparing/checking the pressure of replacement soccer balls as needed
  • Keeping track of the score (# of player who scored, time)
  • Keeping track of any cards given (red or yellow and # of player)

You can be a player, a parent, neighbor, co-working or family or friend of a player in the league to fill this position. Just need to be at least 16 years old and have some soccer experience or knowledge. You can fill in one game a night, or all three at one field location. Pay checks are processed each week and are mailed out and take about a week to arrive. If you are a player you can earn a voucher to the next season's registration as your form of pay. Same amount, just administered differently. The pay is $15 a game.


If you are interested in this position which starts April 15th, please email taslvolunteer@gmail to get onto the volunteer list.

Please include your name, team you play on (if applicable) or are associated with, your general availability and a short description of your intentions; ie, would like to earn extra money or thinking about becoming a referee.


TASL Volunteer Board member

On another note, if you are someone who would be interested in serving on the TASL Board as a volunteer please email to be considered for upcoming open positions. 

TASL has been in existence for 18 years and run by a volunteer board. It is made up of professionals (lawyer, accountant, web designer, etc.) that also play in the league. But there are also positions for the everyday tasks that need to be filled when there is turnover or growth creating more positions. These opportunities can be discussed in more detail if you are someone who would like to be involved in the league you play in.

Some examples of areas that there is need for someone with interest or experience are;

Website content (updating or adding)

Collecting pictures of teams each season

Videos for website (making or recording content)

Uniform coordinator for team jerseys

Sponsorships or Advertising

Tournament staff (July 7v7 tournament)

Sportsmanship coordinator 

Logo designer

Equipment distributor (shirts or balls at fields)


If you are interested in exploring a possible position with TASL please email Include your name, and what you are interested in helping with. Any experience or knowledge you have in this area.


Thank you,

TASL Administration