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Fall 2022 season reminders for all players

By TASL, 09/21/22, 11:45PM CDT


All players Fall season important reminders

Fall Season game schedule updates and reminders;

  • The season has been delayed from starting on 9/23 as originally planned due to the summer season needing one more week to finish up all their games due to the excessive amount of rain this summer.
  • So the Fall season will officially start on Friday, Sept 30th.
  • Games will be played every Friday from 9/30-12/16 with 11/25 off for Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Games will mostly be played at Kino South Complex however there are multiple dates (10/21, 11/4, 12/2, 12/9 & 12/16) this season that Kino is not available due to other events and TASL games will be played at other fields around town.
  • Right now there are a few teams that are not completely registered. So the final number of teams is undetermined.
  • The season may have byes due to an uneven number of teams. If this happens there will be an 11th week provided (12/16) for the schedule to work properly.
  • If there is an even number and there are no byes scheduled the last week of the season is still available for any team that need a bye on a certain date during the season or if there are any cancelled games due to mother nature or uncontrolled circumstances.
  • If your team needs one bye during the season on a certain date, you must request it before the schedule is made (deadline is 9/19 for first week of game requests, and 9/24 for all other week requests).
  • Any schedule requests received after the schedule has been made can not be honored.
  • The schedule is planned to be posted by Sat Sept 24 for the first week of play on 9/30.
  • The rest of the schedule will be posted as quickly as possible. The plan is to have the whole season's schedule up by Oct 1st.
  • Teams will typically play within their division for all their games, but there can be cross over games as needed to make the schedule work. We know this is not ideal for some teams, but it often is necessary at least once a season.
  • If your team is winning all their games in a season your team can be moved up. This is not automatic but a possibility. If there is a need with a team that is not fitting in their division above you, a switch can be made to satisfy both situations.
  • if your team is in the recreational division make sure you understand the extra expectations that come along with this division. If you have any players that are not fitting or following these guidelines they can be excused or moved to another team. Or your whole team can be moved up a division.
  • The teams that are not currently complete will not have a game scheduled the first week of the season 9/30. If these teams are fully registered by 9/19 they can qualify for all 10 games (still have a bye on 9/30 and play their 10th game on 12/16). If they miss this deadline and still want to participate in the season they can if they are fully registered by 9/24 but they will have a missed game (9 games total).
  • If your team needs to call down a scheduled game you need to contact within 48 hours of your game. Failure to do so can cause your team to lose all of your 10 sportsmanship points. The game will be recorded as a forfeit but your team earns all 10 SP if this procedure is followed.
  • If your team calls down more than one game under 48 hours your team can be excused from the league.
  • If you have to forfeit your game (under 48 hours) please contact so that your opponent can be notified. If you can show up and play a friendly you can earn all 10 SP. If the game is not played you will lose your SP.


Roster updates and reminders

  • Rosters will be printed on Wed of each week for games on Friday's. They will be brought to the field by the referee for player check in.
  • All players must present a form of ID at each game for check in before they enter the field. If the game has already started they can alert the AR and he/she can allow the player to play understanding that it is that player's responsibility to check in at half time.
  • A player that does not check in properly can be issued a yellow card for neglecting to follow procedures. It is your responsibility as the team rep to make sure all your players know this.
  • If a player on your team receives a red card in a game (straight red or double yellow), it is understood by FiFA law that the player must sit out the next scheduled game. If a player tries to play before he/she is eligible to return to play there will be severe disciplinary action taken for this violation of policy.
  • It is your responsibility as a team rep to understand the rules and communicate with your players as well as manage your roster, even if you are not present at your game.
  • Players that receive any kind of disciplinary action will be removed from their team roster until they are eligible to play again.
  • Players must be listed on their team roster to play in a game. There are no exceptions for team managers or players to talk the referee into allowing a player to play. Even if they are listed on your online roster.
  • Players must play in the jersey number they checked in with. If they change to a different jersey for any reason they must notify the referee.
  • If you have questions about a player's eligibility to play please make prior arrangements with or
  • It is the team managers responsibility to manage your team roster at all times. If a player is not on your roster you may contact
  • Teams are allowed to recruit register female players if they will be short females causing your team to forfeit.
  • Guest female players must check in with the same procedure and they will be written in by the referee with their home team listed. You must provide a jersey for guest female players or the team can wear a set of pinnies.
  • If you need to request guest female players you can contact the guest female coordinator at
  • Players can be added up until the Wed before the first game to be eligible to play in the first game.
  • Players can join your team all the way up until the 5th week of the season (cost is the same, there is no pro-rating for joining late). After the 5th week rosters are closed.
  • If a player joins your team they need to be manually added to your roster by the registrar. Email to request players to be added to your roster.



  • Chapman Automotive provides TASL jerseys for teams free of charge as part of their sponsorship. These uniforms are the team's uniforms not the player's property. The sponsorship is per team, not per registration. The player's registration fee does not include a free uniform.
  • You can collect uniforms back from players leaving your team each season to use for new players being added other seasons.
  • Each team is allotted 6 fill in jerseys each season. This includes an extra one or two you should have on hand as a team rep for guest female players, blood jersey or lost or forgotten jersey.
  • If your team is new and would like to order a team set (up to 25) please contact for instructions.
  • Teams are required to have a full matching set of jerseys by the 2nd game of the season. No repeat numbers.
  • If your team does not have your jerseys by the first game you may contact to request use of a set of league pinnies for your game. If you borrow pinnies please return the complete set so that other teams don't lose the opportunity for this perk.


Team Manager Reminders;

  • This league is family friendly and foul language and slide tackling are not tolerated in games.
  • Your side line and all fans and spectators are your responsibility. Make sure they follow the league rules during your games. Including picking up trash after your game.
  • All players have signed the waiver of acceptable behavior during registration but if you have any questions about the rules you can refer to the league website.
  • Team manager position is a big responsibility. If you have questions or need assistance you can contact with questions.
  • Although the team manager can do the coin toss for the game and manage their team it does not give you special rights to disrespect the referees or others. In fact these kinds of behaviors will not be tolerated. If you as a team rep receive a red card you will be excused from the position of team manager. If you receive a yellow card or are reported for dissent or complaining you can also be excused from this position.
  • Disciplinary actions of any kind are not up for debate or appeal, however you and any of your players are always welcome to submit any kind of feedback before misconducts have gone under their complete process. So another words, if something happens at a game and you would like to give input or your side of the story, please submit within 2 days of the incident for it to be included in the D&R process. After that it will be heard but not debated or the decision changed because of it's inclusion.
  • Teams have 10 Sportsmanship points at the start of every game. Your team can earn 1 extra SP giving your team 11 for extra good sportsmanship points. Or your team can lose SP during the game for infractions (listed in the rules section on the website), not just cards.
  • Your team is required to maintain an 8 in SP average for the season to be eligible to be a returning team the next season. If your team earns under 8 you lose your team spot.
  • Teams that receive a 10 average for the season are eligible for a sportsmanship team award at the end of each season.
  • Players can also be nominated each game by the referee crew as an individual SP player of the game. Players that are nominated are eligible in a drawing for specific prizes for those players as well as being listed on the league website in the Sportsmanship section on the home page.


If you have any questions about the season you may contact