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TASL Fall 2022 Season Recap

By TASL Scheduler, 01/01/23, 12:00AM CST


TASL Fall 2022 Season Recap

Another season and another year are in the books for our growing league. This season we had a total of 53 registered teams with over 1,000 players. A total of 266 matches were scheduled, with 249 matches officially played. This season we had 20 instances of teams submitting a forfeit which resulted in 15 matches that were abandoned entirely. We were able to save the remaining with unofficial friendlies and fill-ins from other teams who were gracious enough to play a double-header or play on their scheduled bye. Thank you to the following teams for those fill-ins: Footy Pics, Mean Beans, Monsoon, RWB, Sazev, and Synergy. Even though it might seem good that 93% of our scheduled matches were played, this was actually unacceptable for us as a league and for the 17 teams who lost a date to play at all - two of which were forfeited on more than once. Expect a message to be delivered later about our forfeit policy and protocols that will be instituted moving forward. 

This season we applied a new approach to scheduling. Every week we took into account previous results and paired teams together that we felt were even in quality. This meant if a team kept winning we would see to it that they face better competition. Conversely, if a team kept losing we would find them a more suitable opponent they could get a result against. This meant towards the end of the season there were more inter-division matchups to keep the even, competitive play going.

With that said, we would like to congratulate the following division champions!

Division A (Advanced): Monsoon

Monsoon was the team to beat in Division A. They opened the season with back-to-back wins in a doubleheader to fill in for another team. Although their only loss came due to having to forfeit, they were forfeited on twice. Sol FC played them to a draw on 12/7. Monsoon ended their season with 28 points (9-1-1) and a +21 goal differential. 

Division B (Intermediate): FFC

There were a few teams in Division B who proved they could compete and win at an advanced level. FFC, Always Late, Cool Kids, and Titans all got to test their quality against Division A opponents with a combined record of 4 wins, 3 losses, and 3 draws. FFC's only loss came against The Cool Kids, and drew even against Always Late and Midtown FC. They ended the season with 23 points (7-1-2) and a +25 goal differential. With some roster turnover expected, FFC will remain in Division B. Always Late will be promoted to Division A next season.

Division C (Beginning): Team Shred / Here For Beer

Team Shred & Here For Beer rose to the top of Division C quickly and continued to win against their higher-division opponents. They ended their seasons with identical records of 9-1-0, with Team Shred edging Here For Beer in the goal differential battle by one (+30 to +29). Here For Beer was the 3-0 winner in the head-to-head matchup against Team Shred. Additionally, both teams displayed excellent sportsmanship, with Here For Beer going above and beyond on a few occasions that were recognized. These are two very deserving co-champions and will be promoted to Division B in the Winter 2023 season.

Division D (Recreational): RWB Eagles

Division D turned out to be a fun group with a lot of parody and close matches. The top half of the division in particular was very even in quality. RWB Eagles got the best out of these results with 23 points (7-1-2) and a +18 goal differential. They will also be advancing to Division C in the Winter 2023 season.

To all managers, thank you for your responsiveness and active participation all season. Your efforts to organize and manage your rosters are incredibly appreciated. To have this many teams with this much diverse competition is a very special thing. We are looking forward to making next season the best one yet. There will be more announcements to come in preparation for the Winter 2023 season, which will kick-off Friday, January 6th 2023. Until then, enjoy the break and the holidays!